Summer Leather

Can you wear a leather jacket in Summer?

Well, I know that if we’re talking ‘Portuguese Summer’ the answer is definitely not! But in New Zealand the Summer is never as hot so I think this will probably work. In fact, this particular leather jacket looks just right for a cooler summer: not too light, not too warm.

Summer Leather

This last week I’ve been obsessing over Massimo Dutti’s current collection. I can’t help getting excited when I find a brand that reflects my personal style to a T. 

I also can’t help feeling that part of the reason why I identify so strongly with them is for cultural reasons. Everything is global these days but you can still find cultural idiosyncrasies in approaches to fashion. 

For instance, I find that Australia and New Zealand brands and fashion designers use a lot of blacks and dark greys in their collections. In the part of the world where I come from, black has long been associated with religious traditions, conservative approaches to life and, most of all, widowhood. Maybe for that reason, you hardly find any black items in Iberian collections. Navy? Yes, lots of it. But black? Maybe a dress (but please, not too traditional!). This appears to be the case independent of the time of the year. 

For a while there, I thought maybe I should start wearing more black. There’s a lot of it around here and it’s only normal to be inspired by what’s around you the most. Plus, there’s something quite stylish about it. 

But black it’s just not really my style. I’m an Iberian woman and MD’s collection speaks to me because it is a reminder that stylish and chic can come in the tones of our land – beiges and browns – and the colours of our hot Summer nights – dark navy blue.

I’m curious:

How do you feel your cultural background influences your style? Are there any colours you leave out of your wardrobe? And lastly, do you have a favourite shop that you feel caters to your personal style? 

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Summer Travels

My Polyvore sets continue to be inspired by future travels and end-of-Summer city walks. 

Summer travels

That Zara bag recently caught my attention and I couldn’t resist adding it to my shopping list. I think it’s the perfect size for walking around a city in those warm late-Summer days. I don’t usually wear black or buy black accessories because I find it a bit boring and life is too short for that. But the perforated details and the bucket shape make that bag interesting so I thought I’d give it a go.

The only way I could think to make that bag work for me was to pair it with bright and/or lighter items. I’m a big fan of that green skirt but, unfortunately, it’s from an earlier Popbasic collection which is completely sold out. The t-shirt and scarf are from the current Paloma collection which is still available. If you’re interested, I still have $15 towards your order. You can join here or click on the Popbasic button on the side bar. 

Hope you’re having a great week and enjoying life! 

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