Brand Focus: Cuyana (part II)

It’s about time I shared part II of my Cuyana list, as promised. Mornings and evenings have started getting a bit chillier in Auckland this week. I could really do with, well, all of the below? OK, maybe not the infinity scarf yet. It’s only just the start of Autumn and days are still sunny and warm.

How is it going around your neck of the woods? Starting to enjoy Spring? Or also a warm end of Summer? 

Wool goods
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The Jacquelyn Stripe Dress

This dress caught my eye during a Pinterest scrolling session yesterday. I don’t usually pay much attention to Marc Jacobs (or any other big brand designer for that matter) but I have a thing for this type of stripe pattern so I got a bit excited.

Naturally, I had to find it on my Polyvore and play around with it – this always helps me from clicking on the “add to bag” button!! That, and not knowing where an item is manufactured…I tell you, brands need to start being more forthcoming about where they have their products manufactured and add this information to their online content. Is this something you would also like to know?

To end this post on a lighter note, don’t you think this is something the other Jacqueline (the K and the O) would wear? Just add the oversized glasses! 

The Jacquelyn Dress

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Brand Focus: Cuyana

I have been super excited about Cuyana ever since I read about their Lean Closet Movement on a post by the lovely Vanisha from A Life Un-StyledVanisha’s post introduced me to a company that is aligned not just with my consumer views, but also my personal style.

I haven’t been this excited about a clothes/accessories company since I found out about Popbasic back in July, so you’ll have to excuse me while I do a happy dance. 

Cuyana’s philosophy is Fewer, Better Things, but not necessarily at an exorbitant cost. 

They had me at Fewer! After reading a bit more about them, I became particularly intrigued by their strategy of developing their designs with locally sourced materials and in partnership with craftsmen who best know how to work them. But the great thing about this is that they approach it from a global perspective. 

I’m waiting to find out a bit more about this process, but, in the meantime, I’ve gone ahead and put together a [not-so-little] list of Cuyana products that I’m loving. 

This is part I of my Cuyana list – leather goods. I’ve left the items of the wool variety to a later post. Stay tuned!

Leather goods

Have you heard about Cuyana before? What items catch your eye?

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