Time for a change…


Every now and then I feel like changing things on the blog, just to keep it up-to-date with my evolving tastes and preferences.

This time around though, I’ve decided to undertake a massive change – to move from Wordpress to Blogger. Yes, I know it sounds crazy but I’m pretty confident that my frequent readers will just simply replace the bookmark.

I’ve enjoyed having my blog in the WordPress platform but I was tired of the ads that my non-wordpress readers have to put up with. My blog isn’t a business, and there’s no income in it, so I felt reluctant to pay to have those removed.

As I was thinking about what to do about those ads, I also started to have some re-design ideas. Most of those involved the type of customisation that I’d also have to pay to access in WordPress.

It has been over 7 years since I’ve left Blogger for WordPress, so the thought of moving back was a bit overwhelming at first. After some initial aversive reactions to change, I was off enjoying the freedom that comes with coding your own template.

It has taken me a while but I’m happy enough with the result that I can finally share with you the new BlogFashionPas!

Still focusing on personal style and mindful consumerism, I have taken the opportunity to highlight the blog’s role as a way to share and document my thoughts from this journey.

With that in mind, I have transferred some key posts over and organised them under the umbrella of what I’m calling “The Mindful Notebook” – a place where I (and anyone else) can easily access those resources.

I’ve already started sharing some new things too. Head over to the new location to check out my new series – The Ethical Edit (September edition) – a handful of beautiful new things that popped up at the end of August and throughout September from ethical brands.

I will leave this place accessible for now as there are some resources I’m not transferring but are still interesting to me.

Nevertheless, I hope to see you there: come say hi and let me know what you think of the new space – I’m always looking to improve!

xo, Rita


Polka Dots

Guess what? Popbasic has just released two polka dot blouses for pre-order! Aren’t they gorgeous? 

Popbasic Polka dots

You can pre-order them separately ($55 each) or as a set ($80). I’d probably go for the white one. I already own something like that but it works so well for me that it’s definitely a pattern I would re-purchase. Which one would you pick?

If you’re planning on picking up one (or both) of these, don’t forget you can get $15 towards your Popbasic purchase here* or clicking the button on the sidebar.  

*{please note this link is part of Popbasic’s referral programme}

Time Flies!

Happy Monday everyone!

If you come here often you may have noticed some changes. I have been wanting to tweak things for a while now but needed to take my time.

What you currently see is a work in progress. I enjoy designing my website myself but, as I work full time, I have to do this in stages. Also, it’s all self-taught so everything takes a bit of extra time for me.

Anyway, I thought that the 2 year anniversary of the blog was the perfect deadline for a new look. Yes, the blog will be 2 years on Wednesday, 7 May

Approaching this anniversary and feeling like changing the way the blog looks made me think about this blogging journey and how it is constantly evolving.

This week will be all about looking at this journey and the changes it has brought. 


Thanks for stopping by!

xo, Rita

Popbasic – Ashbury Collection

Popbasic’s Ashbury Collection will be released very soon. For this limited edition micro collection, Popbasic’s co-creators, Madeline and Coen, present us with a beautiful vegan leather skirt, a basic black tank top and a collar necklace. All these pieces present endless possibilities for pairings, particularly with other items in previous Popbasic collections, such as Le Breton.

Popbasic is also on Polyvore. This is my main style expression tool and I personally like when a brand engages well with the members of this community. And by “well” I mean in a way that promotes shared experiences and creates a sense of community. In return, the brand benefits from the input and feedback of consumers who are very dedicated to the platform. 

For the Ashbury collection, I picked up a Tweet from Popbasic encouraging Polyvore members to style the collection.

Challenge accepted! 

Popbasic - Ashbury Collection


How would you style the Ashbury collection? Would you use Polyvore to express your ideas? 

Thanks for reading!

Catching Up and Apologies

Hi all!

Many, many apologies for this delay in concluding my Wedding Series!

I moved into my new home last weekend and forgot I would be without internet until the middle of the week!

We got internet back on Thursday and I had planned posting after work but when I got home Kenny was sick from snacking on cat debris (too much info?) and we had to rush him to the vet.

Yesterday I was just flat out after work and couldn’t find my laptop! I finally gave up and sat down with a glass of wine…

So sorry for this enormous delay.

I am off to a wedding today (how fitting) but didn’t want to go without letting you know why I’ve been away and haven’t yet concluded my series!!!

I will be back full force tomorrow.

Thank you for sticking around during this unexpected absence!

Have a great weekend!

The Wedding Series I: {Research/Budget}

Before setting a budget, it is really important to have an idea of what it is for.

Like many other people, I never really thought it was essential to get married in order to be in a stable and committed relationship.

We were, and I was pretty happy with what we had.

Consequently, I had never really thought about what kind of party I would like to have if we did get married.

So the first thing we did after deciding to get married was to sit down and decide how we wanted to go about it.

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