Fashion Pas – from the English /făsh′ən/ and French /pɑs/ [not; step] – meaning that you won’t find the latest “it” garment/accessory combination here but instead my personal take on style. 

Hi! I’m Rita and welcome to Fashion Pas. I created this space to share the stories behind my Polyvore creations. I started by sharing those outfit inspirations on Pinterest but was often asked about their background so I decided to start blogging about it. 

In time, this little blog evolved as a space where I share more about my personal style and the musings that come with it. 

I am not very interested in fashion in the sense that I have always found difficult to accept how demanding it is. I tend to ignore an entire trend or groups of trends and focus solely on items that attract me.

I like to explore ways of bringing those items together and make them work for my personal style and life demands.

I am also trying to be a more mindful consumer. This means I’m interested  in finding a balance between the social, financial and environmental impact of my style choices. In particular, I want to make better decisions about what and when I buy something.

So welcome to my space. I hope you enjoy your time here and find something that inspires you. 


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