Taking Stock

When I had that attack of mindless consumerism the other day, I figured it was probably a good idea to step away from all the pretty coats distractions and take stock – what are my real wardrobe needs at the moment?


Creating a functional wardrobe is all about being aware of what we already have and mindful about what we really need.

It’s knowing that all our tights from last Winter need replacement, but our Winter trousers don’t because we ended up wearing skirts most of the time.

It’s knowing – and accepting – that buying a pair of Hobes as our casual cool-weather footwear, is probably not the best idea since they’re not hardy enough for the rainy place we live in.


I am at a stage where I can, with a clear mind, recall most items in my wardrobe – and what condition they’re in. But in the midst of excitement around something new, all clarity goes out the window.

I’ve recently found that, when that happens, pen a paper are all the technology I need.

Writing things down helps me focus and achieve a level of awareness that I don’t have when I’m exposed to distractions such as newsletters from my favourite brands, emails announcing new items/promotions, instagram…All those little things that prevent me from thinking clearly about a purchase, and encourage me to obtain stuff that may not contribute to the functionality of my wardrobe.


What do I already have? What condition is it in? Will it last another season? How many new pairings can I create with it? 

These are some of the things I’m currently trying to answer, in the hope that it will help me make better decisions about what to buy this year.

I suspect this may take me some time (and effort). But without a clear idea of what’s going on, it will be a lot harder to make useful contributions towards my wardrobe – and easier to buy stuff that I will regret later!

What about you? Have you taken stock of your wardrobe’s state of affairs lately? How often do you do it?


7 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. I like your idea of a pen and paper look. I generally try to think back over what I’m noticing a lack in (as in what thing do I reach for or wish for when getting dresses) and winnow that down to what are actually gaps in the wardrobe of things that need replaced. I’ll make a definitive list (you’ve seen these on my blog), and those are the items I buy. I rarely buy things not on the list…. except for, I do admit, Popbasic items (my weakness! But also, because they are limited by time frame and number and are usually basic items).

    • That’s right! I really like your lists, or your idea for making those and sticking to them. I have been strong about Popbasic but like the idea of supporting that brand.

  2. I love this, I keep similar notes, but I also include outfits that I’ve worn that I’ve loved and that I felt really encompassed who I am and I make notes about what exactly it is about them that made me feel that way. Sometimes it’s hard to pin point pieces so I look at how it makes me feel and what exactly about it made me feel that way – I then go about identifying those elements in other pieces of clothing. I like the idea of smaller note books like yours, mine are in the larger moleskin notebooks.

  3. Love these posts! I ve been doing sth similar for two years now and it has helped me a lot about my style and what will be better or not to buy (although it is still a work in progress) 🙂

    • Thank you so much for that! It’s really helpful to know whether these are nice for others too. I feel i started being more mindful about my wardrobe many years back but it’s still a work in progress! I guess in a way that’s the thing, you keep evolving, your needs change, and you just need to keep with it 🙂

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