The Mindless Consumer

I can get really excited about things. If I see something I really like my mind goes like “oh, I Want It! I Want It! I Want It!”. This urge to own stuff makes me anxious and is one of the reasons why I started the journey to become a mindful consumer. But the anecdote I am about to share in this post really goes to show that being a mindful consumer is the journey, not the end of the story.

Last Sunday morning, I was spending some quality time on Polyvore, styling the new Popbasic collection*, when I noticed that all of the outfits that I put together were Winter-focused.

Despite the glorious Summer outside, it made me think about my Winter wardrobe – starting with coats. I proceeded to spend a substantial amount of time looking at the coat collections from some of my go-to places (Mango, Zara, Massimo Dutti) and some new finds (like the one below found at ALAND).

After a while I realised two things:

  1. oversized coats are still in, particularly in ovoid shapes (when you don’t follow trends closely, spotting trends is a really surprising game);
  2. I would like the one in this board, thank you very much. And while we’re on it, those ankle boots too, s’il vous plait.
Winter Coat

After over an hour looking at coats from various European (and Korean) places, wishing I had more options in New Zealand, I started to seriously plot ways to purchase the coat I wanted. When it got to the point where a shopping trip to Europe started to sound like a reasonable thing to do, that’s when it hit me – I was having a serious attack of mindless consumerism.

Time to pull out that guide on how to curb my enthusiasm and snap myself back to a more reasonable ground.

Looking at the guide, I can see I won’t get past the first hurdle. While one of my coats does need replacement, I definitely do not need it now. In fact, thinking about it, it is a coat for a much cooler weather and from my experience of the last 2 Winters in Auckland, I didn’t really need it that often. It is possible that I can make it through next Winter without it.

Time to get my brain to accept the reality: no trip to Europe and no ovoid oversized coat for now.

On the plus side, catching myself being mindless does motivate me to think a bit further about my real wardrobe needs.

I will leave that to a later post, but tell me, what are some of your current wardrobe desires? And how do you deal with that “Must. Buy. Now” feeling?

* Please note this is a referral link. I decided to use it on this post as a way of supporting a small business and a young entrepreneur that I admire. I trust my readers are able to make their own consumer decisions. For more information on Pobasic’s referral program see here. You can also read my disclosure policy here


4 thoughts on “The Mindless Consumer

  1. I’ve been on a workwear kick and really want to buy blazers, work pants and things. Now, they would get used. I know that. But I can get by on what I have, especially if I start paying attention to weather forecasts and see if there are days it would be viable to wear a skirt…. A good post and good reminder.

  2. This post made me smile. I was after new ballet slippers but it just doesn’t get warm enough down here for me to justify buying the ones I want, ditto with open toed slip on sandals. I’ve decided to invest in myself this year with more travel and more activities that help me become a better person. Once you commit money to things like yoga retreats, I find that the urge to even ‘look’ at things evaporates. And each time I look, or am tempted by something, I think about space (physical and otherwise), do I have the space in my life for this? Most of the time the answer is no. A lot of it stems from just wanting do have fewer things and not accumulate too much of anything.

    • Thank you so much for this Vanisha. I entirely agree with your view. Also, great question to ask. I guess, in a way, I already have an aversion to accumulating too much stuff. Traveling taught me that. But when I settle down somewhere for a while I start forgetting. So always good to ask 🙂

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