The Style of Others {OOTD}

Do you know that feeling when you’re traveling overseas or living away from your home-country and see someone who you just instinctively know that they can only be from the same place you are?

Or when you look at a style or design and think things like “that’s very Parisian”, “oh, that has such a Nordic feel” or “that’s very East Coast”?

Well, when I put together this outfit yesterday morning, my immediate thought was “ohh, this looks very Spanish”.

I’m not even sure what that is supposed to mean. But it can’t be just the fact that every piece of clothing I’m wearing here is from Spanish brands such as Mango and Stradivarius!

We may have access to the same stores these days but a Zara in Vienna has a very different display of outfits from a Zara in Paris or Lisbon.1

Despite a globalization of brands and democratization of fashion, we still seem to be able to put things together in very culturally-specific ways.

I guess if we look at our personal styles as a form of expression of who we are, part of our cultural background will come through somehow. Such cultural particularities can then be recognized by others, either from the same or different culture.

I still can’t tell you exactly what it is about this ensemble that makes me think of it as “very Spanish”. Most likely, this is just based on my personal, and very generic (limited?), definition of Spanish style.

But isn’t that what happens when we attempt to narrow-down the common nature of the styles of others?


12 thoughts on “The Style of Others {OOTD}

  1. First of all, I do like this outfit. Easy to wear but lovely too.

    I also found your thoughts on this really interesting. I am staring at it going “Oh, so this is Spanish looking?” (having never been to Spain…). But know that you mention it, there are very specific looks/styles I’d associate as being “very Wyoming” too. So I don’t think it is just you 🙂

    • Thanks Kristian!

      Yeah, and let’s not forget this is mostly based on my own perception of what looks Spanish – a perception mostly based on endless perusals of Massimo Dutti’s catalogues and Spanish “Hola” magazines! ahahahah

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