First Day of Summer {Birthday OOTD}

Well Hello everyone and Happy 2015!

This thing of having Summer during this time of the year is actually pretty good. I really got the sense that I recharged and am ready for a new year.


Stepping relaxed into 2015

A relaxing holiday didn’t “just happen”. I didn’t plan it to the last detail either. But I did have to make some conscious decisions such as how I was going to deal with any work-related stuff (not touch it with a stick was my choice), or the amount of travelling I was willing to make (2-hour drive on a Saturday to get to a beach? Yeah, nah!).

I have found that being clear about these types of things from the onset helps me and my family stay stress-free while on holiday.

This year (last year?), it has also helped that I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do for my birthday. I usually don’t think about it at all and just go with the flow of things. When your birthday is during the festive season, it’s very easy to piggyback on other people’s plans for that day. I didn’t like this but, for many years, chose to be annoyed instead of coming up with my own idea of a good birthday. Honestly, why it took me so long to stop complaining and start doing something about it, beats me. But I finally did and it was awesome – best birthday ever!


Apparently, that’s the oldest store in New Zealand!

We took it easy in the morning, but booked lunch at a place we had been wanting to check out for a while. Not only was the location beautiful but the day was finally sunny – the first proper day of Summer!


This was not the outfit I had planned to wear for my birthday. I actually was looking forward to wear the blue dress I wore to my sister’s wedding. But I left it behind in our garage when we left and just remembered two hours into the drive north!!!


No chance of driving back for that and it took me a good quarter of an hour to get over it. All was forgotten a week later and so, on the sunny morning of my birthday, these shorts and stripes were a natural option.


I wasn’t disappointed with my choices – both to wear shorts and do our own thing for my birthday. It turns out that in life, as when you’re picking out an outfit, you’re probably better off when doing what fits you and your lifestyle.

Did you have a happy start to 2015? How do you celebrate New Year’s Eve – do you feel you have to do something in particular?

Thanks for reading!

xo Rita

 A few more photos I took of the Kerikeri Mission Station. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “First Day of Summer {Birthday OOTD}

  1. Great post! it looks beautiful (and warm!) in new zealand – enjoy the summer 😀 i love your outfit too ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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