Last Work Outfit of 2014

Yay – the Summer holidays are finally here.

Yes, I know this sounds weird for some of you in the northern hemisphere. It still feels strange to me to have Summer around this time of the year.

But I’m getting over it quickly. A sunny break right at the end of the year does feel like the best way to wrap it up and gear up for the next one!


Though this is Summer, it was still cool enough to wear my Kowtow Building Blocks cardigan. It’s not as light as I expected which makes it perfect for New Zealand weather.


Yes, yet more stripes. I’m often put off by trends that spread like wildfire. I feel weird about dressing like everyone else. Must be the backlash to all those high school years, when all we wanted was to be as inconspicuous as possible…

But I have been a fan of stripes for so long that it is unlikely I will stop anytime soon, if at all. As I get older, I feel some preferences will go the distance.


Finally, for this last work outfit of 2014, I felt like getting my treasured Cath Kidston handbag out for a spin and give my Cuyana tote a rest. I missed this slice of English loveliness and functional design.

Plus, I was already mixing stripes with polka dots. Might as well add some flowers for good measure. After all, with such an ubiquitous trend, a girl has to express her individuality somehow!

Hope you had a great time with your family over the holidays and enjoy your time wherever you are, Summer break or no Summer break.

Thanks for reading!



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