Little Snippets of Work Wear

This morning I was trying to recall what I wore yesterday and it took a huge effort to bring back that memory.

This has been an extremely busy time at work so I will use that as an excuse for this fit of amnesia. Cheekily, I will repurposed that as an excuse for the lack of outfit photos on the blog in the last couple of weeks.

But here’s what I’ve been doing instead:


To overcome that lack of time for outfit photos/blogging, I started putting together little Instagram sets of my work outfits.

I decided to focus on my work outfits after reading this post by Sara from Me and Orla.


While I love to see some beautiful posts of outfits that are a perfect display of the most recent trends, sometimes I just want a post of something I can relate. Sara’s post inspired me to walk the walk and start by putting together my own collection.


These little snippets are turning out to be quite helpful in keeping track of what I have been wearing.


And this is not just for the fact that they help me avoid wearing the same pair of trousers two days in a row.



They are also a great source of inspiration when I, unavoidably, ask myself just before bed – what am I going to wear tomorrow?

Do you have any tips/tricks to keep up with what you wear during busy times?


4 thoughts on “Little Snippets of Work Wear

  1. Firstly, I love these photos- everything is arranged so neatly and the lighting is great (I find these sorts of photos hard to do). I also like the outfits themselves. It is frustrating that no bloggers seem to do real work clothes (with the exception maybe of the Classy Cubicle).

    Love these and will remember the hashtag!

    • Thanks Kristian. I know you do as well! 🙂 It will be great if you join the hashtag. I love your work outfits and it will be great to have them in that collection.

      Auckland is very bright even on rainy days so it helps for these photos. If the photo comes out a bit darker than I’d like, I use VSCO app to edit. But I often try to get the lighting right straight away. I also only use my HTC One camera, nothing special but it seems to work. The fact is, time is scarce these days so I can’t afford to make a big fuss.

  2. Hello! I am so in love with your style. I happened upon your blog after falling down an Instagram rabbit hole and coming upon #realworldworkwear 🙂 Do you remember where your green dress with the beading around the neck is from (or what brand?) I’ve been on the hunt for a green bridesmaid’s dress for my brother’s wedding, and that is exactly the look I’m after. Just followed you on instagram…looking forward very much to all your new posts! -Ali

    • Hi Ali! Thanks for your nice comment. I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me 🙂

      My sister gave me that dress – she got it from Zara maybe last year? I can’t be sure of the season but that was the shop. Good luck finding the one to your brother’s wedding! xo

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