On Mondays

I have recently realised that, despite having a Monday-to-Friday office job, I quite like Mondays.

In fact, I think I like my Mondays more now, than when I was doing my own thing and didn’t have to be somewhere at a certain time everyday of the week.

I won’t lie. I have found this puzzling. I definitely expected to have a certain aversion to Mondays when I started on this career path, so lacking in the freedom I had in my previous one.


Of course, this may be because I like my job (go figure!) and am actually free to enjoy my weekends. But I wonder if it may also have something to do with the fact that my Mondays often have a certain Friday feeling.

I recently noticed that I have been picking quite casual outfits for Mondays. This may be a direct consequence of the casual nature of Mondays at my job, as they tend to be less formal than the remaining of the week.


For whatever reason, the result has been a reinforcement of the belief that Mondays are yet another day in my life that I am grateful for.

See, the thing is, for some random reason, there’s a day called Monday every seven days. That gives us an illusion of a loop but the reality is that we’re in a continuum. We’re not going around in circles but, instead, keep moving forward – even when we don’t feel like that’s the case.


Tomorrow will be yet another Monday but it will be a new day.

If picking up a casual work outfit helps to have a more positive attitude towards it, so be it. Just because they have the same name every week, it doesn’t mean I should take them for granted – Carpe diem!

The outfit:

  • Coat, dress, cardigan, sunglasses – Mango
  • Tote – Cuyana
  • Boots – Sapataria Vassalo, Santarém (Portugal)
  • Foulard – no brand
  • Watch – Fossil



4 thoughts on “On Mondays

    • Thanks Anna. I love the colour of that scarf. It’s just such a beautiful blue 🙂 I’ve only discovered it paired well with this coat recently though. I love when I find new ways of combining old items in my wardrobe 🙂

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