NZ Brand Crush {kowtow}

I’ve found it quite difficult to find good quality clothing in New Zealand that is also affordable. Most kiwi brands I know of appear to have good quality garments, but the price-tag is way above what I consider reasonable.

So, when I started looking into kowtow after hearing about it on instagram the other day, I expected nothing other than that.

Boy, was I surprised! Not only was I impressed with their ethical approach to clothes-making, but very surprised with their mid-range, not-over-the-top prices.

And wasn’t this a timely find! I had been looking for a cardigan to replace an old one on its way out, and this one was just the thing I was waiting for!

I’m sure there’s no such thing as a limit to how many striped tops a person can have…

Simple chic


8 thoughts on “NZ Brand Crush {kowtow}

  1. Thank you so much for sharing Rita, you find great brands! I’ve been browsing their site – how swoon worthy! There are so many things that I want. Living out of a suitcase these past 2 months has really shown me just how much I have and how I can get by with what I have. That type of clarity makes it difficult to justify too many new purchases! But if someone were to buy me something as a present….. (will have to send the blogger husband this way!) x

    • I really thought of you Vanisha when I found it. I’m glad you like it 🙂 but yeah, I know the feeling and, in a way, it’s quite liberating not to have to buy. It’s a good experience to realize you can live out of that suitcase 😉 but yeah, you know, there’s always that time when something needs a replacement 😉

    • Thanks Rachel 🙂 it’s really relaxed but I love it too. The flats I absolutely love and should have bought when I was in Portugal. They’re from a brand called Josefinas 🙂

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