So Ready For Spring!

Things have been a bit on and off splashy and chilly around here this Spring.

I do love Autumn and part of me feels like this is the right time of the year for this kind of weather. But then I remember that we’ve had Autumn already and I’m so over this now. Bring on the warm weather please!


I find that the end of a season is the best time to assess your wardrobe, see what worked well, what will need to go, and what will need replacing.

For instance, I am pretty certain that I will need to get some new boots next Winter. These will not make it but I knew that when I bought them.

I wanted to experiment before committing. Now that I know that this is a style and colour that I really like, I can better focus my search for a good, long-lasting pair.


What does not need any kind of replacing is my Cuyana tote. I know I sound obsessed, and no, they have not sponsored this post.

I am just really, really happy about this purchase and really impressed with the quality of the bag. I know it will be around for many seasons.

Happy week! And remember, remember…


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