A Casual {Weekend} Outfit

A couple of weekends ago, the sun was shining, birds were singing and we were out the door in no time, park-bound for some dog-walking, fruit-smoothie-sipping and cricket-watching.

On such days, when I don’t want to waste any time wondering what to wear, I’m truly happy to still be able to count on these two pieces – the striped grey shirt (Gap) and the mustard knitted cardigan (clothing shop in my home town).


 I would even go so far as to say that these two are the most functional, remixable and reliable pieces of clothing I own.

They work so well with so many other items in my wardrobe that I’m starting to suspect that much of what I bought after these two has been (unconsciously) with them in mind.


I often pair this exact same outfit with my leopard print flats but, for a typical relaxed kiwi Saturday, jandals were a requirement.

While they work well separately with other items in my wardrobe, my favourite combination is of the two together with jeans in this casual look, with this blue foulard and Cath Kidston canvas tote.


The sad thing though is both are reaching the end of their wearable life and there’s no chance to find exact replacements.

The cardigan makes me particularly sad. I should really have bought two but how could I have known then that it would be such a useful/functional piece of clothing that I would cherish for years?

Do you have any items that you feel that way? How do you go about replacing them?

p.s. – Speaking of casual, mustard, weekend outfits, loved this one by Kristian.


5 thoughts on “A Casual {Weekend} Outfit

    • Do you know that feeling when you but something you really like but doesn’t last that long and you’re sad when you can’t wear it anymore? That’s part of what’s made me start paying more attention to what I buy!

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