Lisbon Still Stands {OOTD}

After Paris, Lisbon. We went west, following the sun and Summer to this beautiful city.


I always enjoy going back to this city that was my home for over 5 years.

After Paris, one could have felt underwhelmed but Lisbon never disappoints, even after 3 years of a government with an active strategy to empoverish the country and its society.


I chose to wear something new I picked at Uniqlo in Paris. This dress was a no-brainer: its colour, design, fabric, price, quality… It all added up to a good purchase.

It turned out to be perfect for a travel wardrobe: doesn’t wrinkle, is versatile and very comfortable to wander around during hot Summer days.


It felt good to be back to a much loved place but also experience the city in slightly new ways.

They say you shouldn’t go back to a place you were happy before. I say go as often as you can.

Just remember to stay free to enjoy it as it presents itself to you at that moment, and it will just give you more happy memories.


Do you have such a place?


4 thoughts on “Lisbon Still Stands {OOTD}

  1. Lisbon is one of my absolute favourite cities. And to be completely honest, I loved it even more than Paris! I love it because of it’s understated elegance and the architecture is spectacular. I would love to go back and visit one day- I had the BEST time when I was there. Love your Uniglo find too – one of my favourite shops in Europe! xx

    • Aw thanks Rachel! It’s kind of a Portuguese thing not to trust our own judgment about our beautiful cities so it’s great to hear from others that they had a great Lisbon experience 🙂 I hope you get to go back some day! 🙂

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