Paris Day 1 OOTD: Sightseeing

We traveled to Europe just a bit over a week ago and, minus the minor jetlag, it has been great to be back.

We spent the first few days in Paris and enjoyed beautiful weather in a beautiful city.


For day one we decided to take it easy after about 32hrs of traveling across the world.

We walked down LaFayette and hopped on a tour bus by the Opera.

This was the best way to get around town with minimal effort.


I planned my outfits before I left and took only what was needed – I like to travel light!


For day one, I picked something ultra comfortable and fuss-free. This is a tried and tested outfit which I love. Great for mornings that demand little indecision!


Since I got my Cuyana tote three months ago, I’ve used no other bags. It has proved itself perfect for work days, weekends, and now too for touristing.

The trousers are Zara and I just love the fit. The foulard is Mango and the belt I can’t recall. The sandals are handmade and from my favourite shoe shop in my hometown.

The shirt however, is one I bought earlier in the year but it’s such awful quality that it looks like it’s decades old. It’s one of those “cheaper ain’t better” examples. It’s on its way out…

Do you have one of those in your wardrobe?


2 thoughts on “Paris Day 1 OOTD: Sightseeing

  1. How lovely that you are in Paris (so jealous of your meal right now!) I’ve definitely been there with getting cheaper- not better- things. Such a shift in mindset to think about the quality vs. the price for me though! One I’m trying to make!

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