Wedding Guest {Trousers}

My cousin M asked me the other day to assist her with an outfit conundrum. She is attending a wedding next month (coincidentally, my sister’s) and would prefer to wear trousers. She wants to go for a feminine look that is formal enough for the occasion but doesn’t make her look like she’s about to attend a business meeting. 

She would also like it to be something she could easily wear in other formal and semi-formal occasions and not an once-off outfit. 

I must say this one really got me thinking. I just always go for dresses or skirts when weddings or such parties are involved, and have never ventured beyond that. Upon a bit of reflection and research, I started seeing some real options in “trouser-land” in the form of jumpsuits (of all things!). 

Wedding Guest ' Trousers

Until now, I had thought of jumpsuits as short, cotton, flowery numbers that one could wear to the beach. It appears though that party-ready options are currently widely available. 

For an item that can be both formal and fit different occasions,I’d go for classic colours, light fabrics and one or two unique features to keep things interesting. For the party, I’d suggest a pair of high heels, some nice jewellery and a statement clutch. 

For a work look, a jumpsuit like the ones on the board can simply be paired with a cropped blazer, or something in those lines. I’d also think it would be possible to dress it down for a more relaxed look by pairing it with flats and a leather jacket like this one

How would you wear trousers at a wedding?


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