Transitional Pieces

Spring is around the corner for us down-under but there’s still a chill in the air. These two pieces are currently in the top of my transitional pieces’ list. I’ve come across the monk shoes through my hubby’s shoe research and have really taken to them. Apparently, they’re somewhere between an oxford and a derby when it comes to formality. Oh, the things that are there to learn about men’s shoes! I had no idea but am glad they’re making those for women too. 

Transitional Pieces - Wishlist

Don’t get me wrong – just because these are for the transitional seasons, I by no means wish them to be short-lived. By picking pieces that have a certain classical element to them and are of good quality, I make sure they will be wearable in many transitional seasons ahead.

Yeah, when it comes to my wardrobe, I think that far ahead. The thing is, when you shop strategically and about once or twice a year, you find yourself having to do a stock take of your current wardrobe with two or three seasons ahead in mind.

My next opportunity to shop is coming up fast. Knowing that, after my September trip, I probably won’t be going to Europe until next year, is forcing me to consider not just the upcoming Summer but also the Autumn and Winter after that. Will I really need a pair of boots during the kiwi Summer? Not really. But I know I will need a pair in 10 months’ time so now is the time for me to think about it. 

Did you ever think of your wardrobe management in that way? What are your current transitional season crushes? 


3 thoughts on “Transitional Pieces

  1. I love monk shoes. Mine have gold hardware but are surprisingly easy to wear and coordinate with what I already have. I have a list of things I need to invest in. I’ve had my current boots for a few seasons, for next winter I know I’ll need new ones. I also have another Cuyana piece on my list but it’s summery so I’m going to wait a bit. As for transitional pieces, I’ll sound like a broken record but it’s definitely those 4Minute33 cardigans. I’ve found four different ways to wear them and they keep me warm in winter over one or two thin layers and in the summer, they’re great with a tank and shorts. I admire the way you shop and think through your purchases. I feel I’m the same but somehow I think you do it better!

    • oh thank you so much Vanisha! I really appreciate your comments and am so glad you find some inspiration here too!

      I have been looking for something like your 4Minute33 cardigan for ages and yours just looks/sounds perfect for what I want/need. I must find a way to get one.

      I need to have a look at your monk shoes too 🙂 Now for boots I’m really at a loss at the moment so will have to do some intensive research in the next 3 weeks!

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