Like A Girl

Like a girl – what does it mean to you? I grew up playing football (or soccer, or better yet, jogar à bola). I played with my cousins, with my sisters and parents, with other boys and girls at school…And I was damn lucky to have the chance to do so. No adult segregated our teams at school, and I played all the way up to Uni with both boys and girls.

I love the game:

– I love watching it. There’s nothing quite like a match between two great teams in a great competition.

– I loved playing it. I haven’t played for 7 years and I miss it. But I cherish the memories of those games. I am also proud to have played it well and, above all, to have played #LikeAGirl! 

There are no limits to what we women can achieve so if you have a young girl in your life, be encouraging, be supportive and be proud of her. She has to go through many challenges and face many negative attitudes. May she have the strength and support to do so #LikeAGirl! 



2 thoughts on “Like A Girl

  1. This is such a good video and I’m glad you posted it because I hadn’t had a chance to see it yet.

    It’s so true that it shouldn’t be an insult to be a girl, and I too remember how fun it was when we were kids to just play around with boys and girls. Later it became different and it shouldn’t have to be. the Like a girl campaign is definitely a step in the right direction X

    • Thanks Ingrid! I’m glad you liked it too. I agree and I do hope more of these campaigns come along. Both girls and boys will greatly benefit from it!

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