European Summers

Oh, look, I know I have shared outfits inspired by European summers before but no, I’m not likely to stop any time soon. Even though it’s been almost a month since we’ve been enjoying* Winter in Auckland, I just can’t seem to shake away a Summer feeling. 

*And I do mean enjoying because, let me tell you, this has been a really mild Winter so far. 

European Summers

Maybe because I can’t wait to enjoy the warmth of a South European Summer, I have been really keen to find a maxi skirt. I really wanted this one from Popbasic, but they’re sold out *sad face*. I am still looking, researching, hoping Popbasic will bring theirs back (hint, hint Madeline)…But today I saw this one from Mango and it was just perfect for the outfit I wanted to put together on this board. It reminds me of Lisbon in a hot Summer’s day…

The pink basic tee is from Popbasic’s Jane collection,which is available from the 1st of July (only 3 days to go whoop, whoop!). The Jane collection also includes the necklace I used on the board and a black pencil skirt (not featured). If you’re thinking of ordering the collection, don’t forget you can get $15 by signing up here or clicking the Popbasic button on the side bar. 

On other Popbasic news, look what’s going to be available for pre-order from July 8!!!

Photo by Pobasic

Photo by Pobasic

Yes! It’s a red Le Breton!!! If you can’t tell from the excessive use of exclamation points, yup, I’m excited. How about you?

Photo by Popbasic

Photo by Popbasic

This was a long one hey? At least I tried to make it up to you by adding all these pretty images :), thanks to Popbasic/Maddy for sending them over. 

I hope you have an amazing weekend! I’m now off to the Auckland Arts & Crafts fair and hope to be back with a few goodies to share! 



2 thoughts on “European Summers

    • Thanks Kristian! I was playing around with that skirt but was having trouble finding a top that would fit into what I had in mind. That’s when it hit me that the pink tee in the Jane collection was perfect. I think that’s one of the best things about Popbasic’s collections: you can really think outside the box 🙂

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