Summer Travels

My Polyvore sets continue to be inspired by future travels and end-of-Summer city walks. 

Summer travels

That Zara bag recently caught my attention and I couldn’t resist adding it to my shopping list. I think it’s the perfect size for walking around a city in those warm late-Summer days. I don’t usually wear black or buy black accessories because I find it a bit boring and life is too short for that. But the perforated details and the bucket shape make that bag interesting so I thought I’d give it a go.

The only way I could think to make that bag work for me was to pair it with bright and/or lighter items. I’m a big fan of that green skirt but, unfortunately, it’s from an earlier Popbasic collection which is completely sold out. The t-shirt and scarf are from the current Paloma collection which is still available. If you’re interested, I still have $15 towards your order. You can join here or click on the Popbasic button on the side bar. 

Hope you’re having a great week and enjoying life! 

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