Take 5
1. This post by Girl With Curves, or better yet, the subsequent discussion, highlights the need to acknowledge that each individual’s journey has its own value. 

2. While browsing the shelves of The Bread and Butter Letter one day after work, I found this inspiring magazineExtra Curricular  is all about the creativity of making and doing. Each issue has a theme and I started with the latest (Autumn/Winter 2014) The Wild and Free issueI went back this week and picked up the New Beginnings issue. It’s like a beautiful little book I can carry around as a creative pick-me-up after a long day of office work! 

3. Another Portuguese shoe brand – Weekend Barber – popped into my radar this week when I saw their beautiful campaign photos on Pretty Exquisite. I am so glad my country’s shoe-making craftsmanship is not only surviving but thriving in such harsh conditions. Talk about Portuguese resilience!

4. This post by Ingrid from Ingstyle reminded me of the beauty of traditional outfits in Europe. A few years ago I realised that my northern (and north-eastern) European friends wore theirs with pride, while in Portugal the post-dictatorship generations, myself included, had a certain shame of ours. A trip to Tallinn in July 2011 for the Song and Dance Celebration changed my perspective completely. I am looking forward to have my very own traditional outfit made for me when I’m next in Portugal. 

5. And, finally, a bit of shameless self-high’fiving: My Small Stuff post was selected for this week’s Brilliant Blogger Sets of the Week on Polyvore and was then featured on the site’s home page! Also, Sapataria do Carmo had the sweetest post on their facebook page about the blog – thank you guys!


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