Small Stuff

Hope you’re having a great week and not sweating the small stuff!

I know many of you are now starting to enjoy a well deserved Summer but I couldn’t avoid being inspired by the lovely Autumn we have been enjoying down here. After all, it is my favourite season.

Auckland has been particularly pleasant this year. Very little rain and crisp mornings that have been turning into pleasant sunny days. It’s cool enough that I’m happy to wear knits but not as cold as to require a Winter coat. 

I recently realised that Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons to wear skirts and dresses. Is that weird? What do you think?

Small Stuff

3 thoughts on “Small Stuff

  1. Hi Rita! I’m definitely not sweating the small stuff, everything is pretty relaxed and what doesn’t get done today can be done tomorrow. Since I’m home I get so many bonus hours of daylight since it doesn’t really get dark so I’ve become quite the night owl:) X

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