Popbasic’s Le Breton is back!

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Qui aime Le Breton? Moi, moi!

Vous savait déjà que j’ai une petite obsession pour les t-shirts rayés!

Alors, voilá – Popbasic’s Le Breton tee is finally available again! 

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Photo by Popbasic

I have talked about Popbasic here on the blog many times before and this shirt is what started it all

It is now available for pre-order until the 14th of May and I have already placed my order – I’ve been waiting for this for almost a year now!  

In line with my own rules, this shirt is not a random, impulsive purchase – it will actually be replacing 2 old le breton tees that are on their way out. 

The shirt costs $48 and Popbasic is an ethically aware small business with free shipping worldwide.

As many other brands, their items are made in China and you can hear co-founder Madeline answer a few questions about their relationship with the factories here (minute 4 onwards). 

Popbasic has given me the opportunity to join their ambassador program and gift you $15 credit towards your next purchase. All you have to do is signup to Popbasic* and voilá.

*Concerned that they will clutter your inbox? Worry not. They only email once a month with beautiful updates!

Merci Popbasic! 

You can use your credit straight away on your pre-order for Le Breton or wait for one of their next micro collections.

Next up is Paloma, which will be released mid-May.

Here’s a cheeky sneak peak:


Photo by Popbasic


Photo by Popbasic

Let me know if you get as excited as I do with striped, nautical tees. Do you also find them extremely flattering and easy to wear?

Hope you’re having a great week and thanks for reading!

xo Rita

p.s. please note that there are referral links in this post – for more information on Pobasic’s referral program see here. You can also read my disclosure policy here


12 thoughts on “Popbasic’s Le Breton is back!

  1. Thankyou so much for posting about this, I’d been hunting a Le Breton Top for month’s and I couldn’t find one anywhere. I used the code in your post to order and I’m looking forward to receiving it and wearing it and they’re doing a red version in July so I’ll probably get that one too. It’d be great to create a Popbasic fashion post on Polyvore with the Le Breton.

    • You’re very welcome! Thank you for always being so supportive Karen! Please do create some boards on Polyvore and let me know. I’ve already done quite a few with this shirt but will be doing some more now. Would be great to see yours 😉

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