Blogversary – 2 Years with Fashion Pas

Fashion Pas – from the English /făsh′ən/ and French /pɑs/ [not; step] – meaning that you won’t find the latest “it” garment/accessory combination here but instead my personal take on style. 

Two years ago I had finally started to compile all my research work into what would become my PhD thesis by the end of that year. I had also just moved to New Zealand from – quite literally – the opposite side of the world.

On 7 May 2012, I launched Fashion Pas – a space where I could take a mental break from all the academic work.


I would go on to use this space to share my Polyvore creations, stay in touch with my friends from around the world and connect with people in my new home. 

For the past 2 years, I have been sharing my personal style on this blog as a medium to express my identity and unique views of the times we live in.

This is because I hold a strong opinion that fashion and style can be so much more than buying/wearing the latest “it” garment.

They’re incredible tools for expressing our personal preferences and attitudes but also those of our society and culture.

Clothes, for instance, can be used to oppress or liberate, they can lock us in time or assist us on a journey of personal discovery. They also provide endless opportunities to explore our creativity and engage with others. 

From the start, I wanted (needed) this to be a positive space for myself and others, a haven for beautiful things and inspiration.

I am happy for sticking to that resolve and thankful to all who have spent a bit of their time on my musings. I hope my posts have inspired you in some way. Come back tomorrow for more! 

Much love,





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