Take 5

Happy week everyone! 

I’ve gotten a taste for this type of post where I get to share with you a handful of topics that pop up in my radar. So, grab a beverage of your choice and enjoy a break. 

Tea & Biscuits

1. I have arrived at the Wes Anderson appreciation party late but am trying to make up for it quickly. After watching The Grand Budapeste Hotel last week, the hubby and I decided to catch up with all of Anderson’s previous work. We’ve started in reverse chronological order and will be watching Fantastic Mr Fox next. Are you a fan? 

2. Totally agree with this post over at Musings of a Curvy Lady. 

3. This post by Caitlin over at Thistle & Tea reminded me of the Persona work by Jason Travis on Flickr. I love this work and have followed it for a few years but do wonder why we’re so attracted to what other people carry in their bags…We humans are such weirdos! 

4. A few home/design bloggers put together a room by room gift guide for mothers day. It appears most countries will be celebrating this date soon. If you’re still looking for inspiration, there are a few good ideas in there. They’re great even if you’re looking for something for the child-free ladies in your life! 

5. Just a few comments on Mad Men. Wait, what? You don’t watch Mad Men? Oh well, you can get back to work now. Sadly, your break is over. Now for those who do watch – what the hell is going on with Don?! It was so painful to watch him in this last week’s episode!! Simultaneously, it’s great to see how Peggy’s style has changed over the seasons to reflect the confidence she has developed (or is it the confidence she wishes to have?). Loved her hair too. 

Thanks for reading!

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