On Basics

With time, I have learned to appreciate that basics may not be the same for everyone. In fact, for many years, I struggled to fit some commonly advertised basics into my wardrobe, even when it just didn’t feel right for me. White tees, for instance, seem to be a fashion media favourite – how many times has the sentence white tee with jeans for effortless casual style been printed? But, no matter how much I tried, white tees just didn’t do it for me.

Slowly, but surely, I started rebelling against the concept of universal basics and realized that, while there are items in my wardrobe that I would consider basics, they are no longer determined by the definitions of others. 

These days, my basics are items that feature as constants in my evolving style and personal taste. Of course there always external influences – no one lives in a vacuum. But these are items that I have found to work perfectly for me. 

Striped tees are on the top of my basics list

Striped tees are on the top of my basics list

Such fashion or style-related personal discoveries may seem futile or superficial for some. However, if you scrape the surface you may find that this is more about being free to find your own ground, becoming an independent thinker and using your personal style to express your autonomy, individuality and uniqueness. 

Personal growth can be achieved in many ways, and a style journey is as good an opportunity to grow as any other!

What about you? Are your basics your own? 

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