Walk the Walk?

H&M is launching its Conscious Exclusive collection today. The Conscious and Conscious Exclusive collections are part of  H&M’s attempts at creating a sustainable fast-fashion (and fashion in general). 

I am curious to see if it’s possible to balance such opposing concepts but the folks at the Swedish multinational have already started to take several steps towards balancing its social and environmental impacts. It looks promising but I’ll reserve my right to further praise until we start seeing outcomes. 

The collection itself is made up of pieces that create a beautiful mix of textures and fabrics (organic and recycled). Inspired by Flamenco, the collection features garments with intricate designs of brocades and lace. In order to keep it from becoming too heavy, balance was created by introducing silk and flowy pieces.

If all that H&M is claiming to do to promote fashion sustainability and mindful consumerism is true, then I wouldn’t feel too guilty about picking up the pieces below!


H&M Conscious Exclusive: My picks
What do you think? A marketing campaign that makes good use of the trending shift towards mindful consumerism, or a sincere step towards achieving real sustainability in fashion?
Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Walk the Walk?

  1. That black dress is divine!

    I think it’s essential that H&M and other large consumable brands step up their game so that we can show them that we want more eco-concious labels. Thank you for sharing X

    • It’s definitely a reinforcing game now, where the consumer behaviour will push brands to seek alternatives and, by doing so, us consumers will show them how much we appreciate it.

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