Popbasic – Ashbury Collection

Popbasic’s Ashbury Collection will be released very soon. For this limited edition micro collection, Popbasic’s co-creators, Madeline and Coen, present us with a beautiful vegan leather skirt, a basic black tank top and a collar necklace. All these pieces present endless possibilities for pairings, particularly with other items in previous Popbasic collections, such as Le Breton.

Popbasic is also on Polyvore. This is my main style expression tool and I personally like when a brand engages well with the members of this community. And by “well” I mean in a way that promotes shared experiences and creates a sense of community. In return, the brand benefits from the input and feedback of consumers who are very dedicated to the platform. 

For the Ashbury collection, I picked up a Tweet from Popbasic encouraging Polyvore members to style the collection.

Challenge accepted! 

Popbasic - Ashbury Collection


How would you style the Ashbury collection? Would you use Polyvore to express your ideas? 

Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “Popbasic – Ashbury Collection

  1. Your styling is impeccable!
    I love the look of Ashbury, but because I’m so short, it looks like the skirt will be too long for my short legs. I’ll have to give it a pass, although I love the necklace and the singlet x

  2. I am really happy that the midi skirt is back, so Ashbury is clearly on my Wish list. I only ordered one collection from them, with a short black dress I wear as a tunic. Really love this new collection, the tank is a basic that will be worn a lot, and the necklace looks absolutely lovely with a vintage vibe. Thanks for sharing your styling.

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