Brand Focus: Cuyana (part II)

It’s about time I shared part II of my Cuyana list, as promised. Mornings and evenings have started getting a bit chillier in Auckland this week. I could really do with, well, all of the below? OK, maybe not the infinity scarf yet. It’s only just the start of Autumn and days are still sunny and warm.

How is it going around your neck of the woods? Starting to enjoy Spring? Or also a warm end of Summer? 

Wool goods
Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Brand Focus: Cuyana (part II)

  1. That cape is absolutely beautiful! I have wanted a camel coat for years, but I still haven’t found the right one. One day it will appear…
    I will probably be able to skip winter, because I’m most likely heading to Europe for the summer in May (fingers crossed), but there’s still a few things to organise. I do prefer dressing for colder weather because I love layering, but I don’t mind sunny days either x

    • I always prefer darker outerwear but because of that I have been pushing myself to consider other tones, like camel. I’m not too keen on cold and wet weather but don’t mind cooler Autumn days exactly for the ability to layer! I always enjoy missing the Winter here though. This year we’re planning to go in September so we won’t miss the Winter but it will still be fine 🙂

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