Donate Your Ponytail!

Hello good people of the interwebs! Remember back in October when I told you about my plans to donate my hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program? Well, a couple of weeks ago I realised my hair was finally long enough to make the cut!


Deciding to donate my hair was the easy part. Finding a hair salon in Auckland? Now that was a challenge to me! 

I’ve always had my hair cut in Portugal – even when I was living in England. Too crazy? I’m sure many of you understand. When you find a hairdresser you trust and like, you just don’t change unless you’re forced to. 

I think moving to the opposite side of the world qualifies for a forceful change. But where to even start?? I was completely overwhelmed by the number of places in Auckland and searching online didn’t really help much.

Finally, I got a shortlist of recommendations from my husband’s colleagues. I had a check at the websites and ended up picking the salon that “spoke” to me the most – Vada Hair

I knew absolutely nothing about them besides the fact they had a really cool website. To diminish my uncertainty-related anxiety, I planned my approach really well. After all, I had no idea if the hairdresser would be familiar with the program. 

  1. I had Pantene’s “How To Make the Cut” (select from the Donate Your Hair section) bookmarked on my phone;
  2. My pinterest Hair board was ready to display what I had in mind for my short do;
  3. And when my assigned hairdresser – Katie – asked what we were doing that day, I told her exactly what I was in for and showed her what I thought could be done to my (very short) hair once I made the cut.

Recently arrived from the US, Katie wasn’t familiar with this particular program but she immediately knew exactly how she could go about it all:

  1. She split my hair into 3 sections, so I could donate more and make it a bit easier to style afterwards.
  2. As recommended by Pantene, she used a second hair tie in the middle of each section just to further secure the hair.
  3. Has she cut each section, I placed them straight into the little zip-lock plastic bag. 

She then styled my hair exactly as I was hoping for! I’ve had short hair before so I know exactly what happens when it’s cut straight (think Darth Vader). Katie understood what I wanted to avoid and did something that fit me. I absolutely loved her work.


I am super excited to finally have been able to donate my hair to such a great cause. So far, Pantene has collected 9436 ponytails. Help them reach 10,000! Check out their website to find all sorts of great info on how you can prepare your hair and make the cut!

Help us break the 5,000 ponytail record.

Donate your ponytail – raise awareness – make someone’s day! 

If you’re looking for a hair salon in Auckland, I really recommend Vada Hair. As a new customer, they gave me a few referral cards which give 20% discount so, if you want one, email me ( and I’ll post you one. 
Thanks for reading – tell me, have you donated your ponytail? If so, what was your experience like?

9 thoughts on “Donate Your Ponytail!

  1. Congratulations Rita, what a wonderful cause and such a pleasant discovery with Vada Hair. I feel like we’re soul mates. For years when I was living in Australia I went home every few months and had my hair cut. And the my hair dresser moved away and I recently found out he’s back in Fiji, I feel like I can finally breathe again! And I love your hair cut. Are you still enjoying it?

    • Thanks Vanisha! I’m so glad someone else understands! I’m glad you have your hairdresser back too but if you ever come up to Auckland, we should go to Vada 🙂 I’m really enjoying my hair short. I had it short before and had been wanting to go short again for a long time but it was worth the wait 🙂

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