Cosy Autumn

While everyone up north is getting ready for a much yearned for Spring, we’re just about to welcome Autumn down here. I’ll be honest – it is a bit conflicting to experience a season and, simultaneously, be constantly exposed to information portraying the complete opposite.

Other than that, Autumn is my favourite season so I’m always glad to welcome it no matter where I am in the World!

I love this outfit, I have to say. Sometimes I create a board to push my boundaries, other times I create a style inspired by someone else. But every so often, I just create something that is a simple expression of who I am or what my mood is at the time. 

Autumn is a cosy season for me and this outfit just came together as an expression of that. I would wear it out and about in the city (maybe shopping or having a brunch date with a friend).

Black/Blue is currently my favourite colour combination and I have been thinking of ways they can work together. I’ve been finding that it works better if I pick one to be dominant, add just a little bit of the other, and finish off with some white.

Finally, can we just take a moment to appreciate the aesthetic pleasantness of this waterfall cardigan? There’s something quite appealing to me about that pattern, but it’s the contrasting materials that puts this cardigan on my wishlist. Oh, if only they mentioned on the website where it is made! 


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