Europe Haul: Part II – Portugal (Kiko)

Finally the weekend is here. I was looking forward to have some time for this post.

Hope you all had a good week.

Mine was busy, busy. Not complaining – there’s an optimal level of activity at work and I feel this week was at that level. Anything over that optimal level makes it too stressful, and anything under that threshold makes it too boring.

The only down side to an optimal level of activity at work is that I have less time for other things, such as writing a blog post.

But here we are, and today I’m sharing with you the contents of this Kiko bag.


Unlike my visit to Boots, I walked into my favourite Kiko store (Chiado, Lisboa) with a list in hand. I had been compiling this list since my last visit (May 2013) – have I mentioned that I don’t shop often? 

You may recognise some items from the wishlist on this post, but I added a couple more things since then.


List of contents as follows:


And even though I had a list, I still came out with a couple of things that I hadn’t planned for – cue the lip-gloss and the nail polishes. On the other hand, I meant to purchase a cuticle remover but came out empty-handed. Still looking for a good one – any suggestions? 


I have had enough time to try all of these goodies and here are my quick thoughts:

  • Loving the cleansing water: lovely scent, great job, and has a really cool pump. 
  • The cleansing milk and toner, on the other hand, haven’t changed my feeling towards cleansing milks. Don’t get me wrong: it does the job and has the typical Kiko scent (which is lovely) but I just don’t care much for cleansing milks. 
  • Very impressed with the Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation: perfect shade match, lovely scent, super hydrating and incredibly long-lasting. Gives good coverage with a natural finish: it doesn’t feel or look like I have foundation on. Strong competition for my Chanel Vitalumière Aqua!
  • Not so sure about the BB Cream: will have to get back to you on this one.
  • I don’t tend to like lip glosses but this one has won me over. It is so smooth, non-sticky and long-lasting! And the colour is just perfect for adding a little something when I’m rushing out the door in the morning.
  • The formula in the nail polishes is not new to me, but those colours all are: beautiful rose gold, the most amazing shade of green and the perfect blue to pair with a black outfit. 

Have a nice Saturday!

:::Thanks for reading:::


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