Europe Haul: Part I – England

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re having a great weekend. I’m back from my trip to Europe and am glad to say I did not experience jet-lag this time. I got straight back into work and a new routine (yes, we moved – more on that later) but the week just went by really nicely. We even had time to go for a mid-week dinner date! 

 Anyway, before I move on to show you a few drugstore bits and bobs I got this time around, let me show you my new rainy-day best friends:


Aren’t these awesome? My older sister got me these (btw, Happy Birthday S!) and they were really handy in the cold, rainy days in Portugal. I am 100% sure they will serve me well this coming Winter!

Now, moving on to the main purpose of this post, here are a few little things I got in Boots while I was in England.


I’m pretty sure the only things I couldn’t find in NZ are the Soap & Glory and the Bourjois stuff. Nonetheless, once you’re in Boots, it’s hard not to take advantage of some bargains (my favourite eye cream for £7?! ahhh, yes please!). 

I actually only went in there to get this blush (crossed-off from my wishlist), but I love Soap & Glory stuff and really miss it so couldn’t resist a few little things. 


The rest is pretty self-explanatory. I won’t get too much into it except to say that the L’Oreal Elnett Satin heat protection/styling spray is really amazing. My hair was never as smooth and straight under such humid conditions!


On part II of this post, I will share with you what I got at Kiko in Lisbon.

Until then, hope you have a great time!

:::Thanks for reading:::


2 thoughts on “Europe Haul: Part I – England

  1. Love the wellies! It’s always interesting what people pick up when they travel or when they go ‘home’. I’m going home soon so I’ll no doubt have a similar post to share. I’m still trying to get over how expensive certain items are in New Zealand. I usually don’t compare but some things just really jump at you. Have a great week lovely xoxox

    • I’m looking forward to hear about it! And yes, I had the same experience when I first got here. And still today, about 2 years later, I still find it hard to get over the huge price differences on some things! xoxo

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