One Dress, Four Seasons – Marcs Jacquard Dress Roundup

Time to finally wrap up this edition of “One Dress, Four Seasons”. Many apologies for the delay. This is old news for peeps who get my Instagram pics in their feed. But if you don’t (which you totally should, btw), I have travelled to Portugal and have been busy fighting jet-lag, catching up with the fam, eating and shopping. But mostly eating. 

I saw this dress at Marcs when the hubby went in to sort out some Christmas gifts.

I hadn’t really paid much attention to this shop before. This is mostly because I’ve avoided going in, just in case I got too attached to something I don’t need. 

As it happened, I got a bit attached to this dress. I even tried it on so I know it fits perfectly. And what required a bit more self-discipline was the fact it was 20% off that day, even though it’s from their new collection! 

I didn’t get it and I’m actually quite proud of myself for that. I have this blog to thank for – I thought I should first see how it could work through the seasons, if it would be an investment or a mistake.

Never this series “One Dress, Four Seasons” felt so useful! 

Looking at these outfit options, I’m quite convinced it would be a good investment. What do you think?

OD4S Work

In case you missed them:






Thanks for reading!


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