Antipodes Aroha Lipstick {Review}

My Kiko Black Cherry (#812) has sadly come to an end last Tuesday morning but by lunchtime I’d gotten a replacement!

I mentioned on my previous post that I’d first buy Antipodes’ Dusky Sound Pink but I changed my mind.

This was a risky decision that my rational brain was warning me against. After all, I did not know this product and it’s not exactly cheap.  I could well end up with a product in the back of the drawer and a feeling of consumer guilt!

But, in the end, I decided to bite the bullet and go for something a bit darker – Remarkably Red

This lipstick is not actually red, but more of a cherry or dark pink. It really looks like a matte version of the Kiko Black Cherry.


It turned out to be a beautiful colour that actually seemed to change with my outfits – a bit more on the red side when I wore black with red accessories, a bit more on the dark pink side when I wore grey with old rose accents.

As for the formula, I couldn’t be happier. Finally a matte lipstick I can wear!

I don’t tend to go for matte lipsticks because my lips are always really dry so last thing they need is something that makes them drier! But that doesn’t happen with this lipstick – although it’s really pigmented and long-lasting, I could hardly feel it.

I’m still getting used to applying it though. I’m not used to highly pigmented lipsticks! 

All in all, a positive experience. So much so that I ended up buying Dusky Sounds Pink as well!

I suspect that there will be some more boards inspired by these lipsticks in days to come! 

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