Party Ready

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m planning to buy an Antipodes Aroha lipstick. I was pretty certain that I wanted to get Boom Rock Bronze but today I finally got to see the products in person. This has changed my mind a bit. 

I’m now pretty certain I want to get Dusky Sound Pink and then one of their beautiful reds, like the Hungry Like The Wolf that would go oh so well with today’s outfit!  

I need to put my mindful consumer cap on as I can feel myself getting way too excited = irrational about this. 

What I may do is get the one I’m sure of first and then pick another after I had time to see if I like the formula.

I mean, it may be too dry for my taste, who knows?! 

Party Red/Ready

:::Have a great week:::


2 thoughts on “Party Ready

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