The Mindful Consumer

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For reasons that I will explore in a later post, we found ourselves having lunch in Ponsonby last Sunday.

Even though my thoughts about this hipster paradise fluctuate from “I feel so at ease here” to “man, you could cut the arrogance of this place with a knife”, I did feel like going into some of the shops, which doesn’t usually happen to me in Auckland.

One of these shops was Kilt.

As I don’t seem to get tired of mentioning in this blog, I like to buy local. Unfortunately, in most places, local often equals expensive. No other place is this more true than in New Zealand and Kilt is no exception.

The polka dot top in the board? It is yours for the meagre amount of NZ$119!

It does look like a beautifully tailored piece of high quality. Well, for that price, I certainly would expect it to be so.

I guess for someone like me, who likes durable pieces and doesn’t shop often, this type of purchase might make economical sense.

On the other hand, brands often inflate their prices to attract/exclude certain demographics, even though such prices are not representative of the underlying value of a piece.

This does not seem to be the case with Kilt but, in any other instances, how can I tell the difference? I know nothing about fabrics or making clothes. I can’t possibly assess the quality of a piece before buying and wearing it for a period of time…

How, then, will I be able to tell if the price reflects the worth of a piece accurately, or is just a way to create the illusion of exclusivity people seem to crave?


It’s not easy to be a consumer when you mind about these things…

The only answer I can think of to the issues above is to research a brand as much as possible before giving them my money.

In the end of the day, I want my purchases to have the lowest negative impact possible – not just in my bank account but also in society and the environment. 

It’s finding a balance between these three that is tricky.

While I search that balance, I’ll just keep playing around with my Polyvore – the one sure way to a positive impact! 


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