Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is almost over but I couldn’t let it pass without a post on this topic.


Breast cancer sucks so get checked and get involved.

Awareness saves lives!

New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation has a great site where you can find more information on this disease and ways to get involved.

If in New Zealand, one way you can get involved this month is by buying Pink Ribbon products.

This strawberry choc is absolutely delicious and a great way to raise awareness at work!

Another way you can get involved is through Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths programme.

About a year ago I’ve decided to donate my hair to this programme. At the time, my hair was more than long enough (it needs to be at least 20cm).


However, it hadn’t been cut or trimmed for a couple of years by then and I didn’t think it was at its best.

When I was in Portugal in May, I cut my hair with the commitment to donating my ponytail in mind.

The longest part of my hair is now close to 30cm. However, the shorter bits are about 15cm.

It’s a shame I won’t make the Donate Your Hair Week (starts on November 11) but it doesn’t matter. As long as my hair doesn’t go all grey in the next 3 months (highly unlikely), I’ll be starting the new year with a very short bob!

Because sharing is caring!


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