Portuguese Brand Alert

My sister is helping me keep in touch with the amazing stuff that is being done in Portugal.

Today I’m sharing with you two brands I’m particularly excited about.

First, handbags!

I’m a small handbag kind of girl. It wasn’t a huge step for me to take a liking to Manjerica and the lovely bags in their collections.

My favourites Maitê and Amélie, are already sitting in my Pinterest Wishlits, waiting for an opportunity to be moved to my Shopping list.


Maitê in Coral

I will just patiently wait for the right opportunity…Maybe I’ll move one of them into my Christmas list!

Amélie in snake print, white & black

Amélie in snake print, white & black

Now onto shoes.

Comfortable leather flats are a sort of a Portuguese thing.

When you grow up walking on calçada Portuguesa, you value a good pair of flats!

Heels are something you keep in the office or wear somewhere you’re driven to.

Of course, I was particularly excited when my sister told me about Josefinas.

I would buy them all if they didn’t have the down side of being so expensive!

But they are made by the best with the best materials so they seem to be worth it.

Josefinas in Amarelo Aurora

Josefinas in Amarelo Aurora

So, yet again, patience is my friend and I now know how to wait for a good pair of shoes!

Enjoy your week!



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