Mixing {Patterns & Textures}

I bought these trousers at Zara when I was in Portugal back in May.

Now that Spring is finally here, I thought it was time to start thinking about how I’ll wear them.

They’re sea green and have a grey floral print: a bit of a challenge really.

But despite that, I felt they’d work well with other patterns and textures!

Here’s a first study.

Mixing (patterns & textures)

3 thoughts on “Mixing {Patterns & Textures}

  1. I think the pants are pretty and they’d go nicely with a plain white, grey cotton t-shirt or dressed up with a lace top and a beaded necklace and nude or white heels to take it from day casual to night glam.

  2. I think the pants would go nicely with a plain white or lightly grey, silver cotton t-shirt. If you were wearing this casual in the day you could change the top for a pretty short-sleeved lace top, camisole or blouse and change to white or nude heels and add a beaded necklace to glam it up for nighttime.

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