{Basic Striped Shirt} Dress it up

I found out about PopBasic recently on instagram and was immediately drawn to it.

Well, to be more accurate, it was this striped shirt that got my attention, being the sucker for striped shirts that I am!

As I checked their website though, I found the whole concept around it quite interesting.

PopBasic is a brand with a fairly novel approach to selling their products. Every month they release a limited edition three-piece collection. This can include basics, such as this striped shirt, or trend pieces, as that leather clutch.

Dress it up
Quality, not quantity, is what comes to mind. And, as some of you will know, that aligns perfectly with my own personal approach to style and purchasing.

On the other hand, the fact that it is a limited edition micro collection is a bit at odds with the ridiculous amount of time it takes me to decide on whether to buy something or not. Being limited edition does mean it runs out quickly…

Ahh well…At least I can still have fun with it on polyvore!


Thanks for reading!

xo Rita


8 thoughts on “{Basic Striped Shirt} Dress it up

  1. I love Popbasic. I’ve been a big fan of Maddie and her work for months now. It doesn’t always mean that I love everything that they put out but I really admire her for what she’s doing. As I type this I’m wearing their le breton with the latest black dress from their serendipity collection! 🙂

    • I learned about it through your instagram! I really liked Le Breton but was too late for it. The serendipity black dress looked so nice too! I really like the concept. It’s very close to my personal “quality” above “quantity” moto 🙂

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