Confessions of a Serial List-Maker {Wishlist}

I love making lists. I feel my life is so much more under control after task/goals/issues are listed. Really helps me organize my thoughts.

So, as any respectable serial list-maker would, when the half-year-until-Christmas mark came, I sat down and started to make my “Christmas gifts” budget list.

Yes…6 months before Christmas…’cause that’s how I roll.

While I was researching the gifts for my beloved sisters, I inevitably came across a few things I would like for myself. They went straight into my wishlist!

My wishlist is kind of a waiting list where I put any item I really, really like but haven’t yet decided when I’m going to get it.

It’s a list where items sit while I think about the logistics of acquiring them. Things like whether I should wait until my next trip to Europe or buy it online, budget, what season I need it for and so on.

Once I make a decision, I move the item to another list. That could be my own Christmas list, my birthday list or my general shopping list. 

I told you, serial list-maker!

Anyway, in this board, you may recognize the white peplum blazer, the blush shirt and the red trousers from a previous haul postBut those L.K. Bennett court shoes and that Zara handbag?! Yup, onto the wishlist!


I tell you, I really need those shoes. I have one pair of black shoes for work but they’re Summer shoes. Plus, they have a very short heel. Those red trousers are begging for a heel!

My only issue is that I like to buy my shoes in Portugal and made in Portugal. The reason for that is because I know where they’re made, how they’re made and who makes them. It gives me comfort to know that my purchase is not affecting someone’s life negatively.

I can make exceptions for brands that can guarantee they have similar ethical approaches.

In reality, I find myself needing certain ethical guarantees more and more. Makes it a bit tricky to be a consumer these days, when everything seems to be made in China!

So, before I chucked them into my wishlist, I had to check with L.K. Bennett where they make their shoes. Apparently, they have their shoes made in Spain and Italy.

That’s close enough to Portugal for me!

Now, shall I move them to my Christmas or Birthday list? humm…tough decision!


Thanks for reading!

xo Rita


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