Kiko Cosmetics {BB Glow Compact Foundation}

::The Foundation series III::



Yes, you would have seen this photo before

A beauty balm in a compact formula by Kiko Make Up Milano.

It’s basically a foundation-moisturiser hybrid with medium sun protection (SPF20), a hypoallergenic formula, no parabens and non-comedogenic (i.e., doesn’t block pores).


BB Glow Compact

BB Glow Compact in 04 Light Beige

Kiko has 12 shades available for this product and I picked number 4, light beige. The girl at the store tested it on my jaw bone and we just couldn’t see a difference with my skin colour.

It’s always great when you can test these things, not only for the colour match but also for first impressions on how it feels. I was in awe at how smooth and light it felt. Plus, I loved the smell!



For this compact, creamy foundation I use a foundation brush from my mini bamboo set from Furless (I luckily got this in one of their twitter giveaways a while ago).

I have also tried applying it with my fingers and the sponge that came with the foundation. Both worked well but I washed the sponge the other day, left it by the window to dry and the hubby thought it was garbage so threw it out! Fingers and brush will have to be from now on!


I have found this foundation to have an even, smooth finish with a medium, yet buildable, coverage. Even though it feels like it goes from a cream to powder as it is applied, it does not leave a powdery look.

As the day progresses, it feels very light and moisturising but not in an oily way. On a normal work day, I only had to touch up a couple of times where my glasses sit. That’s bound to happen with any foundation, really. Also, let me note I don’t use any kind of finishing powder.

When my skin is driest, I found that it works well if I prime it first.

{Would I buy again?}

Yes. Most definitely. It’s inexpensive, practical, no fuss, a good colour match, doesn’t break me out, smells great and does the job I want it to do: give me light coverage!

{Would I recommend?}

I would say yes because it really is a good product and it’s so inexpensive it’s worth the try (£11.90; €11.90 -> pays to buy in Euros!!).

I also like the little I know about Kiko as a company.

They are made in Italy, which is great because it means they don’t do animal testing as it is not permitted in the EU. They have a diverse range of products that all seem to be really great quality, and the variety of colours is amazing!

Don’t get me started on their fantastic nail polishes! I will just say that I personally find they perform better than my OPI and Chanel…Just saying…

The only sad thing? There’s no Kiko in NZ!


Do you know Kiko? What has been your experience with it?


9 thoughts on “Kiko Cosmetics {BB Glow Compact Foundation}

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  3. I am loooking for the water proof foundation, by kiko that i saw in a magazine, be delighted if you can help me.

    • Hi! I wish I could! I haven’t heard about that one yet. I wonder if it’s good. I know about the new sunproof cream foundation; that had good reviews. Was it a liquid or compact foundation do you recall?

  4. Hi, thank you for the review! If its not too much trouble is there any chance you could post a photo of the ingredients? (if you haven’t already thrown the box out!), I tried emailing kiko for them but its two weeks later and they still haven’t got back to me.

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  6. thank you so much for this review! I was considering trying out kiko cosmetics and after reading your review I’d definitely give is compact foundation a go.
    please check my blog out 🙂 xo

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