Bellápierre {Compact Mineral Foundation}

::The Foundation series II::



 A compact, 5 in 1, mineral foundation. The description on their site says it can be used as a concealer, foundation, setting powder and SPF 15 protection all in one. I had to dig deeper for the 5th element and it appears it is finishing powder.


In any case, I like the idea of all-in-one products: less space taken in my make-up bag!

This is what caught my attention and, together with many good reviews, the reason why I bought it in the first place (even though I’d never heard of the brand).



I bought this foundation through NZSale and couldn’t find many reviews online that would have a comparison with MAC shades. So, I had to pick one of the colours available by researching their website. The one that I thought was closest to my shade was Cinnamon (tan).



At first, I used the little pad that comes with the foundation. However, and I don’t really know why, this made the foundation look orange on my skin.

I was really shocked. Not only because I was so excited about this product and suddenly realized the colour was totally off, but also because when I put the foundation pot next to my face, the colour seemed a perfect match!

This first try really put me off. Last thing I wanted was an orange look!


Recently, I decided to test it on my cheeks as a blush, just for kicks. I used my Furless bamboo powder brush.

To my surprise, the colour on my cheeks was not as orange as I remembered. I proceeded to apply it all over my face with the brush and, this time, it looked like a good match.

It turns out this foundation tends to oxidise. It is also possible that this colour just works better with my Winter than Summer skin.

What is certain is that it applies better with the brush.


If we put the colour issue aside, I found this foundation to have a very smooth, perfect/flawless finish. It feels light but gives good, buildable coverage.

At the same time, you can hardly tell you have a powder foundation on, or any foundation at all! Definitely does not leave a powdery look.

Particularly important to me is the fact it doesn’t break me out.

{Would I buy again?}

This is a very expensive foundation in my opinion (AUS$79.95, €39.99, £39.99, US$64.99) but it’s also very good. While the package looks a bit cheap, the product inside does seem to stand up to its growing reputation.

If I had the opportunity to try other shades and then catch another sale on NZSale, I would definitely buy it again. I feel this could be a product for life.

{Would I recommend?}

If you like compact, mineral foundations, and have an oily or combination skin, yes. I’m not entirely sure how it performs with dry skin, although it works well with my driest areas.

In any case, it’s completely no fuss. Perfect for make-up on the go.

My sensitive, breakout-prone skin was also happy about it and if that doesn’t mean something, I don’t know what does!

However, I would suggest you test the shade before buying. If you’re lucky to have access to a shop that sells this, go in there and try it on but walk out and see how it looks throughout the day. Go back when you’re happy with how it wears.

If you can’t try it on before buying, ask them on Twitter. After my initial fiasco, I twitted my colour conundrum and they were very quick to get back to me with a possible better shade  (Latte).

Another point I would recommend would be to try to get it on a deal. Just because it’s expensive, and who doesn’t love a deal?!


Have you heard about this brand? If you’ve tried this product, let me know what you thought!




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