Lush {Colour Supplement}

::The Foundation Series I::



This is Lush’s response to foundations and tinted moisturisers. It’s basically a creamy tint that you can use as foundation or mix with your moisturiser for a lighter coverage. From what I’ve mentioned in the intro to this series, I obviously got it for its later characteristics.

I have bought this around Christmas time and have used it only enough times to feel that I was satisfied with my conclusions on it.



I picked shade Light Yellow. 

They say this shade is for people with ivory skin. However, I found that it worked better for my complexion than the recommended for olive or yellow skins (dark yellow). For comparison sake, I am NC30 with Mac.


In order to use this product as a tinted moisturiser, I’ve followed the suggested application method: mix a bit of the colour supplement with a bit of my moisturiser on the back of my hand and blend with my fingers as I would if I was using only moisturiser.

I have also tried blending it in after I applied my moisturiser and on its own to test its concealing power.

Swatch: looks light on my hand? Wait for it...

Swatch: looks light on my hand? Wait for it…


No matter how I applied it, I have found this product to not have a consistent finish. I have had a couple of results with this product that totally depended on how moisturised my skin was to start with.

The skin on my face can be oily in places but very dry in others. In addition, some skincare products that I have had to use in the past to control breakouts had a nasty drying side-effect. As a result, I am always very mindful of the need to moisturise (twice daily) and rarely let my guard down. Even so, some days my skin just won’t cooperate and no matter how much I moisturise it just isn’t enough.

On such days, I have had difficulties blending in this product as a tinted moisturiser. I watch as the moisturiser gets blended into my skin while the colour supplement clumps up and leaves patches all over the place.

Applied after the moisturiser had similar effects when my face was dry.



On days when my skin was feeling moisturised and dewy to start with, I did not seem to have the same problem but I also could not see any particular coverage once the colour supplement was blended. It seemed the tint just disappeared into my skin. While I am looking for light coverage, I do want to feel like something has changed in a positive way. On the plus side, the fact it blended to a perfect colour match dissipated my fears I had bought the wrong colour!

On such days, I also found it to have an oily feeling throughout the day.

As for its concealing power, I have found it nonexistent.

{Would I buy again?}

Overall, this product requires a lot of fuss to find the right balance. I am just really looking for something I can add to my routine and not have to worry whether it will work on that day or not.

I also found that my skin wasn’t particularly happy with its soya a rice bran oils which were supposed to be light and not affect the skin negatively as mineral oils would. While it had a nice moisturising effect on most days, I always seemed to have breakouts when I used this. I am prone to those, particularly when I try new products my skin doesn’t appreciate (there, I could never be a beauty guru!!). But I’d rather not having to worry about it…

I was a bit disappointed as I really like Lush’s work, how they do it and what they stand for. I really, really wanted this product to work for me but it didn’t (despite its lovely smell!) so I won’t be repurchasing. I mean, I am having trouble even finishing it!

{Would I recommend}

For a combination or dry skin I think it really depends on too many different variables to guarantee a good result.

If you don’t have a combination or dry skin, I would only go as far as recommending reading reviews on it for your type of skin before making a decision.


What about you? If you’ve tried this product, let me know what you thought of it!


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