Would you? {Winter shorts}

So, as you may (or may not) know, it’s Winter in this neck of the woods.

As I was walking down Queen St. the other day, I noticed the short/tight combination for Winter is still going on.

Although I prefer to wear skirts in Winter (oddly enough), I never really thought about wearing shorts.

I decided to give the matter some thought and put a board together. You know, my way of dealing with these curiosities.

My only issue is with the bottom of the outfit.

I definitely don’t like a full matte look, i.e., when shorts are worn with opaque tights. But I also don’t like it with transparent tights.

I thought the tights in this board were a good compromise, so that was sorted.

But then, what kind of footwear do you wear with Winter shorts? I picked those boots but I think I’d actually prefer ankle boots.

If you guys have tried this type of look, let me know what kind of footwear you think works best!


Winter shorts

4 thoughts on “Would you? {Winter shorts}

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  2. I love to wear winter shorts. I wear them with boots but have also worn them with flats. I live in Philadelphia and the look is still enjoyed this season.

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