Kiko Cosmetics Haul

I am back in New Zealand after two very quick weeks in Portugal and England.

My Viva went very well and all the hard work paid off: I’ve got my PhD degree! Dr who?! Whoop, Whoop! 😀

But picking up where I’ve left off  in the last post, here are a few things I picked up while I was in Lisbon.

My favourite lipsticks are running low. In fact, my Rouge Coco Shine “Biarritz” is done. I had in mind to buy them in duty free, either at Heathrow or Lisbon airport. But, while I was out shopping with my younger sis, she convinced me to pop into Kiko.

I left with two new replacements to my Rouge Coco Shine.


Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo #807 “Red Coral” and #812 “Black Cherry”

And no, not an overstatement. These were just €4.90 each and the only other difference from the Rouge Coco Shine is that these are a little bit stickier. Not a surprise as they are a cross between a lip gloss and a lipstick. They are very long lasting and moisturising, which is what I was hoping for.

I believe I have found my dupes!


Ultra Glossy Stylo

While I was at Kiko, I took the opportunity to pick up a couple more things.

Kiko haul

Kiko haul

Acetone free nail polish remover

Acetone free nail polish remover

Beauty Balm Foundation

Beauty Balm Foundation

BB Glow Compact

BB Glow Compact #4

I’m still to try this foundation properly. When I have for long enough, I’ll post a review.

My first impression though is that the colour match was perfect, which for me is always a surprise!

While we’re on a Kiko note, here are a few nail polishes my older sister got for me while I was there. Really happy to add these to my collection.

Mirror Nail Lacquer #626 "Lawn Green"; Nail Lacquer #360 "Starwberry Pink" and #338 "Light Lavender"

Mirror Nail Lacquer #626 “Lawn Green”; Nail Lacquer #360 “Starwberry Pink” and #338 “Light Lavender”

Now all I need is some free time to get my nails in shape to rock these out!


8 thoughts on “Kiko Cosmetics Haul

  1. Aren’t the Ultra Glossy Stylo’s great? I like the texture of them, they aren’t drying my lips out (and i’m very picky with that). Using number 804 right now & loving it.

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