Yes, it’s true. Autumn is here. New Zealand follows meteorological seasons instead of astronomical, so seasons start on the 1st instead of mid-month.

But it’s not just the convention. On the 28th of February I was convinced it was silly for seasons to start on the 1st of the month. I mean, com’on people. I already have to deal with the weirdness that is to have Autumn in March and Spring in September, not to mention Summer in Dec/Jan/Feb and Winter in Jun/Jul/Aug. Couldn’t we at least follow astronomical seasons like most people?

Then came the 1st of March and, unlike all the days for the past month and half, the day started (and stayed) cool and grey. Today it even rained a little in the morning, something that hasn’t happened for over a month around here!

So, there we have it. Summer is done and Autumn is here.

To be honest, it’s no biggy. It’s my favourite season!



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