A(n) (un)Conventional Wedding


There was a bride and groom, a white dress, cuff-links, friends and family, cake with toppers, bridesmaids and groomsmen, bouquets and picture-taking, and even a little bit of (mostly incidental) colour coordination…

But I like to think we had a little bit of an off-beat wedding on a budget.

We were both in a country that wasn’t our own and all our closest family and friends were in our respective countries!

Because we couldn’t rely on family members to enforce “traditions” we had total freedom to come up with our own.

The down-side to that is that we had to figure it all out on our own…Great if you have experience in event planning in a foreign country; not so great if you’re a couple of PhD students, one of which was writing and finishing his thesis.

In my {Wedding Series} I will share my experience with it all.

This series will span over three posts: Research/Budget (or on the importance of deciding what to keep and what you can do without); Plan/Organize (or how to find the vendours that best suit your needs) and Dress (or what to wear and where to get it from, with a review of online and offline shopping).

I am hoping to approach issues that many will be familiar with but if you’d like to hear about my experience with something in particular, drop me a comment!

Thanks for reading


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